Cheap Travelling: it is possible!

Do you want to travel, but you think that it’s too expensive? Or, do you fear that you won’t be able to find enough money for it?
Don’t worry: we will show you in a few steps that cheap travelling isn’t that impossible, and we will give you some easy (but important) tips on how to save money!

First, I must highlight our philosophy: in our minds travelling is always a beautiful experience, regardless of the destination. The following tips can help you saving money in organizing every trip, but, obviously, it will always be cheaper going to London than to Sydney (at least for who lives in Europe, like us!)

One of the best ways to travel in the cheapest way possible is to use the right websites to buy airplane tickets. We always use, a very intuitive website where you can find the cheapest flights for the inserted destination. If you’d like to leave for a weekend but you don’t know where to go, don’t worry: you can put “Everywhere” as a destination. By doing this, the website will list you every destination that can be reached from the starting airport in an ascending price order. You won’t believe it: it is possible to find round trips for as little as 20€!

When it comes to accommodation, we usually go to bed and breakfasts or hostes. What do you need a luxury hotel for if you are only going to sleep in it? We suggest you to use, on which you can find hotels, b&bs and hostels at a good price. But, according to us, the best site to use when it comes to b&bs is, which lists millions of accommodations around the world for very good prices. These competitive prices are such because you usually get to sleep in a room of a private house: you often sleep in rooms that are not used anymore by members of that family and the breakfast usually has a more “homemade” and simple feeling.
A single bed in a shared room of a hostel (which are usually located near the city centre) costs between 10 and 20€ per person; moreover, you’ll be able to meet a lot of people and to share experiences with other travellers: you shouldn’t underestimate this. On the other hand, you’ll pay around 40-50€ for a room in a bed and breakfast that’s quite close to the city centre.

Seeing is believing, you could leave for a two-nights weekend starting from 40-50€!

Now, how could you save these 40-50€? Very easy. Start by giving up a couple of dinners at the restaurant or to a couple of drinks and you pretty much do the trick. While, if you are smokers, quitting could be very useful as well! It is believed that the average Italian smoker smokes around 13 cigarettes per day (, which, given the average price of 5€ for a 20-cigarette pack, results in an expense of roughly 100€ each month! By quitting you could hypothetically visit an European capital city every month.
It is also very helpful to use a piggy-bank where you can deposit a certain amount of money that you’ll use to travel. Putting in even only 1€ each day for a month doesn’t really affect your economy, but it means that you save the equivalent of a short-range flight!

What are you waiting for? Start saving money and you’ll soon be departing: it is possible!


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