Why are we so fascinated by New York City?

Walking on Brooklyn Bridge

Hundreds of skyscrapers that long for the sky, millions of people minding their business in an endless frenzy, a chaotic traffic dotted by yellow taxis… I could go on forever describing scenes from the Big Apple. But why are we so fascinated by this city? In Europe, as well as in the rest of the world, there are a lot of differently beautiful cities, but pronouncing the name New York City always has a particular effect on us. But why is it so?

It’s very likely that this fascination was born also thanks to the fact that, during the last century, New York was one of the main destination for a lot of European migrants, who left the Old World to look for a new life, chasing the American Dream. Nowadays, the city is a melting pot, a place where countless ethnic groups meet and live: in a few kilometers you go from Chinatown to Little Italy and then to East village, and you can really meet people whose origins root back in pretty much every country of the world. Another good method to note this is a quick trip in the subway!

Walking on the streets, among businessmen and homeless people, you can notice a lot of things. Lights change New York in its entirety from day to night; sometimes it almost feels like being in a different city: the grey skyscrapers light up and they give you a unique experience. Continuing your walk through the city, you’ll eventually end up in a huge park, right in the middle of it: Central Park, a true oasis, a green lung, a place where you can meet joggers, street artists, elderly men who play chess or people who simply want to take a breath from the chaotic city. The straight and wide streets form up a grid and some of them are simply named with numbers, from East to West and from North to South. At the 86° floor of the skyscraper-symbol of the city, the Empire State Building, everything is, again, different: the urban chaos almost disappears, cars become as small as ants; on one side you have the One World Trade Center, while on the other one you have Central Park.

There’s no doubt, New York is a pretty much unique city, different from any other one. And maybe it’s because of this that we are so fascinated by it. Isn’t the desire to meet new points of view, to know diversities and what is not usual for us, one of the main reasons why we decide to hop on a plane?


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