Berlin: what to know and what to see

East Side Gallery

Berlin is a very particular city. I am in love with it and I am really considering to move there for some simple reasons:

  • There is no chaos: even if it counts around 3,5 million people, when you are there you don’t really feel it. There is no smell of smog, there are no crazy drivers pushing on the clacson and screming or insulting other people driving. And we really love it.
  • Means of transport. We come from Italy, which means having a very difficult situation about public transport, so it is easy to remain amazed from the other countries. Let’s say that in Berlin they are particularly efficient: there are two kinds of metro, the S-Bahn (which does not travel underground) and the U-Bahn (which travels underground), urban busses, trolleys and some beautiful touristic boats, which allow you to see the city from another point of view: the river. All the means are extremely on time (it is natural, but in Italy it’s not like this, so we are amazed) and there are different kinds of tickets, which perfectly fit to the most common personal conditions (weekend, weekly, daily etc.).
  • Bicycles. Like in all the German cities, in Berlin it is very common to use bicycles, in both hot and cold seasons. You can bring them with you on the public transports (there is just a little overpricing, but considering that with the combo S-Bahn+Bicycle you can quite easily reach every single point of the city, it’s really worth it!) and they always have priority.
  • There is not a proper city centre. It is difficult to label one zone of Berlin as the “city centre”. There are a lot of neighbourhoods, all equally particular and populated. We could say that “Alexanderplatz” is the center, where the famous TV-tower is located, but I wouldn’t consider it less important than the Brandenburg Gate or Checkpoint Charlie. This fact that there is not a proper center could be misleading for people used always to the same type of city, but I consider it very interesting: this means – in my opinion – that you have to see all the city because it is all nice. It is difficult to talk about suburbs (which of course are present, but they are just not the “out-of-the-center-zone”) and it is easier to find quite cheap accommodation near the touristic attractions, because since there are important things throughout the city there are no big price differences among the zones.
  • Ethnic restaurants: another characteristic of Berlin is that there are a lot of ethnic restaurants spread throughout the city and they are very tasty. A lot of foreigners left their home countries to start a new life and you really can feel this in Berlin. It is a very international city. We like this fact. You can easily find Turkish, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian and also Mexican food.
  • The river: We love cities with the river. This doesn’t need further explanation!

These are the principal reasons for which I love Berlin. Obviously there are more, but I cannot reveal you all…I hope you can get the right dose of curiosity, in order to go yourselves to explore and discover this beautiful city.

Below you can find the main attractions I suggest you to visit, also if you have few days:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Reichstag
  • East side gallery (the Berlin Wall)
  • Unter den Linden (one of the main streets)
  • Museuminsel (Isle of Museums) and the Pergamon Museum
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Fernsehturm (TV tower)
  • Judisches Museum (Jewish Museum)
  • Hauptbahnhof (central train station)

These are the most common attractions that you cannot miss, but if you have more than 3-4 days there is a lot more to see.

If you have some days and you don’t know what to see and in which order, you can comment here below or you can write us an email (, and we will be very happy to answer you and help you to organize your days in Berlin!!


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