The basis of the traveller

Central Park – New York City: My backpack and I
The backpack. The backpack is the most important element when you travel and we consider it essential while we are around cities. We are using the classic model of Eastpak (model Padded Park’r), because it is very comfortable, light, cheap and resistant. Obviously, we are talking about a backpack, which you can bring with you if you are travelling with trolleys or big suitcases and this small backpack can work as the women’s handbag or as the men’s pockets. While if you want to go just backpacking you should definitely consider another kind of product.
Once you’ve chosen the perfect type of backpack for you, what should you put inside it?
While the contents of the suitcase changes according to destination and weather, your backpack remains pretty much the same, if you prepare it properly.

First, you should check whether you have all the required documents to travel: identity card and health insurance card in the EU countries or passport and health insurance in all the extra EU countries. Then it is important to have some cash in the wallet, in order to be ready to do some shopping (like souvenir, street foor/drink), and one (or more) credit cards with the most common circuits (you should be able to find MasterCard and Visa quite easily around the world).
Always remember to bring with you your mobile phone with a charged battery and money. In the EU countries, you can use your home country mobile plan; in the extra EU countries, your own mobile phone company offers you specific plans (which you can activate or not), but remember to look for free Wi-Fi: in the most developed cities you can find it quite everywhere. In addition, in our backpack we always have the following: paper tissues, a couple of bottles of water, some fruits (it’s not always easy to eat fruit in restaurants or fast foods, and it can be a healthy and good snack). A handheld fan can be extremely useful in the hot seasons, in case of not air-conditioned places; the same concept works for the cold seasons, in which you should always bring scarf/foulard/hat/gloves. Moreover, it is very important for us to have a little bag containing some medicines, chap stick, hand sanitizer, a block notes and a pen to jot down all the useful information (like addresses, restaurants, contacts of just known people, to write the daily costs etc.).   Last but not least, you should always bring a pocket umbrella and/or a raincoat: even in the apparently nice days you can find quick weather changes and it is better to be prepared.   Our backpack is almost ready. At the beginning, it could seem difficult to remember all the things to put in, but trust me: after a while, it will become automatic and you will not leave without a well-equipped backpack.  

TIP: the first backpacks will be quite hard to prepare, but for this reason, it could be useful to do a check-list.  

Example (one of my lists):
– Documents √
– Health insurance √
– Cash and MasterCard credit card √
– Mobile phone and a power bank √
– Little bag with medicines and useful things √
– Water √
– Umbrella √
– Paper tissues and hand sanitizer √
– Pen, block-notes √
– Foulard √

And You? How do you prepare your backpack?

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