Why should you travel and why should you read a travel blog?

“Traveling is like dreaming: the only difference is that not everyone, once he wakes up, remembers something, while each traveller keeps in their own heart the memory from the place he returned.”


This quote reflects a lot the way I see the Travel. To travel means to have an experience. Erleben is the German verb to express “to have an experience”, and this verb has a very particular meaning: “-leben” means “to live”, the prefix “er-“ gives a going-through connotation, it means to be hit by something which leaves the sign. I mean, this is amazing, isn’t it? Don’t you think that this is a nice description of traveling? Don’t you have the feeling that, when you come back from a travel – whether long or brief – something in you changed? Try to think about it for a second. The fact that you’ve known new places, you’ve learned how to live in a different country, you’ve realized which kind of routine do the other people have….do you understand what I mean?

Well, if I convinced you that traveling is worthwhile (always!) now let’s answer the second question: why should you read a travel blog? (and from our point of view: why should we write it?).
Let’s start from writing, because it’s easier. What my partner and I would like to share with you through this blog is the desire to travel. The desire to believe. The desire to try. Trying to organize a trip, to spare money, to share, to experience. We would like to teach you, or even better, to show you, that everything is possible, that the USA aren’t so far away and that Russia isn’t so different. And why then shouldn’t you read all of this? Why don’t you try to give us the chance to infect you with our crazy love for traveling?

So, did I convince you?

Stay tuned 🙂


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